Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Change of Heart

When I first signed up for this trip I was and still am really excited about the cycling. We will get to ride though the country and see breath-taking views and have a once in a lifetime type adventure. There are few things in my life that I love more than cycling and the challenge of the riding on this trip is something I am eager to tackle. I have been so cycling focused at times that I could easily lose sight of what this trip is really about. People.

As I have read the other riders' profiles and worked on my segment of the trip, I have started to see that cycling is really secondary to all that we will do as a group. Sure, I could ride all over the country and have a wonderful time but those sights and experiences are so much sweeter when shared with others. I almost find myself looking forward to meeting the other people and the build days that I am forgetting (sort of) that we will ride our bikes each day.

I can tell that God has been at work in my heart. Changing my focus from myself to others. I really love cycling but I love people more and getting both together is what will really make this trip an adventure. I think that some of this realization has come about because recently I have become more acquainted with my sin and how much of a jerk I can be. And then I have been completely humbled to look at my ugliness and recognize the grace and mercy God has extended to me through Christ, which I do not deserve. This receiving of things undeserved makes me want to serve, not of obligation but of gratitude.

So this summer is now about serving others first and cycling second. Not the other way around, although I am sure there will be times I need to be reminded of this, for I can be forgetful when I lose sight of what Christ has done for me.

Meet the other riders who will share in this adventure with me:

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