Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Family, One House, One Mile, At a Time.

I just returned from a visit to Georgia that was both refreshing and challenging. I was got to enjoy the comforts of life and see the devastation of poverty. The final stop on the trip was to the Fuller Center for Housing host of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. While visiting, I had the opportunity to help at one of the work sites helping the family in this blog post. The Fuller Center is renovating a trailer for this family. While I was working I felt like I got some perspective for the Bike ride. The house I stood in and the family I met are just one example of those the ride seeks to help. Its not just about raising money but also about speaking out about the need to end poverty housing in the U.S. and abroad.

While in Americus, I also had the opportunity to visit the HFH Global Discovery Village. This village gives life-size examples of homes those in the world's poorest neighborhoods live in as well as some of the houses being built in their place.  I was struck by these homes and reminded of my times in both Honduras and Thailand, where I saw housing just like this picture. Could you imagine living with your how family in one room with one bed and one pot to cook with? I can only image chaos...

As I toured and talked with friends, we could see how problems in housing are interconnect with so many others, like clean water, human trafficking, disease, mental and physical abuse and spiritual poverty. The problems of the world could become overwhelming and its easy to pretend like it doesn't exist. So (we) I am left with two choices, isolate myself from poverty and trouble (which is sometimes easier) or do something.

I know that raising $3,600 is just a drop in the bucket but every drop counts. I know that cleaning and papering the shelves in a kitchen doesn't change the world for many but it does for one family. The amount of need around us locally and internationally is staggering. That is why FCBA is a great example of bringing the solution into workable pieces: One Family, One House, One Mile at a time.
Its not about doing good because we are earning something we deserve; its about saying thanks for getting something we don't.

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  1. I'm so glad you got to visit the HFH Global Discovery Village. It was so touching to me. Now, I don't have $5,000 extra dollars. But it makes me want to work so much harder to know that $5,000 could give a family a MUCH MUCH better home than they previously had. I can't imagine life in any of them situations. Currently, My mother is facing housing difficulties. However, she causes them to herself. But it still hurts to know that she is living in a platform tent... and it just snowed this week. I'm so glad were being a change in the world. Were not taking the easy way out of things and turning a eye to this. Were being a part of a difference. YEAH.