Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Preparing for Adventure!

I find it hard to believe that FCBA is just three months away!! It seems like time is passing quickly and the reality of the trip is only just starting to become real. In two weeks, I am going to have the opportunity to visit the Fuller Center.  I have to opportunity to travel nearly for free with a friend (another blessing God has provided when it comes to FCBA)

My visit will allow me to see headquarters and meet many of those who are working to eliminate poverty housing. I am excited about this because I think it will help me put faces to those working to support this ministry and the Bike Adventure itself.
The Fuller Center has an interesting history, and stands as an example of what God can do with us when our hearts are broken by the things that break His.

I am continually humbled by the support I am receiving to be a part of this adventure and the work of the Fuller Center. And as the trip draws closer, I am wondering how God will use me to serve other this summer through this trip. I am not really sure how to prepare. I know I need to train on my bike but that is only one part of this trip. What about the speaking, the building and those I meet along the way? How do I prepare for that?

Honestly, I am not sure yet, but I am confident that God is at work in me through Christ and is preparing me. I also think a visit to the Fuller Center won't hurt in helping me get some more perspective into this ministry and the role I am called to in it. And maybe this would be a good time to read Millard and Linda Fuller's biography called The House that Love Built.

Thank you everyone who is a part of this adventure!!!
Its not about doing good because we are earning something we deserve; its about saying thanks for getting something we don't.

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  1. oh I'm so excited that you will be going to the Fuller Center. If you have time while in Americus go to the house thing that Millard and Linda put together, I don't remember what its called. But its by the coffee roaster place and HH headquarters. The town is not to big, Ryan will know the place I mean. It was very heart full to see what houses the money we raise could build in other places and how they live.