Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Weeks!!!

The reality of this trip is becoming more and more real! I am really looking forward to this adventure and all that I will learn along the way. I am so excited to meet my fellow riders I know a few of them already but I will certainly know everyone better by the end of this summer!

I am also starting to look forward to the building projects. A few weekends ago, I helped at a local camp as they get ready for this year's camping season. It was fun to get a little dirty helping and I am continually amazed to see how God uses these "small" things for His great glory. We cleaned out a new building and moved decking so that this summer some kids might get to enjoy camp and be introduced to Christ. I don't know if there is anything better than that! I am hoping the same for those we serve this summer!

And I have also started to wonder what God will teach me? How will I be changed by this trip? How will God use me? I was thinking the other day when I got caught in the hail and rain during a training ride, how far I had come as a cyclist. Just two years ago a ride like that would have been nearly impossible for me to finish. I would have been afraid and unsure of my skill while riding through puddles and on wet road lines. While I think I still have plenty of room to grow as a cyclist but I was struck by my confidence on the bike. I knew I would be alright even though I was very wet. I guess its not every day that I get to see some progress that I have made. I think I see it in others much sooner than myself. Its got me wondering what kind of progress I will make this summer in becoming the woman God has called me to be?

I guess I will find out soon enough! And at the end of the summer I will be able to say, "Look at what God had done!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Tan-Line Update, Couresty of Road ID.

With 29 days left before the trip, training is in full swing. I had a great ride today and got some sun as well. I am so excited for this ride and everything that God has planned for how He will use me and how He will use this trip!

Thank you all for your support and prayers! Hopefully as my tan-lines become worse, it would reflect the work God is doing in me. To Him be the glory and my those we serve this summer receive the goal of this ride a simple decent place to live!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 weeks!

5 weeks from today I will fly to Seattle, WA. I have to opportunity to spend time with my aunt and uncle before the ride begins. Its exciting because I will get some training rides in a different part of the country than the trip will take me. I will also get a chance to consider some post FCBA opportunities.

But part of me can't believe that the trip is starting so soon. And its beginning means that some other things are coming to an end. I will graduate from school and officially have my Masters in Counseling. I will leave my internship and fellow interns after a year together. I will leave my home, family and friends for the summer. I am excited but it comes with just a twinge of bittersweetness, especially since I don't know what the future holds.

However, I anticipate this summer to be one that will leave me forever changed. How I am not sure, but I will start to have a better idea in just about 5 weeks. I can hardly fathom what I am about to do but after seeing how God has provided thus far, I can only rest in His arms trusting that He has this all planned somehow...

Stay tuned the fun is just getting started!