Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 weeks!

5 weeks from today I will fly to Seattle, WA. I have to opportunity to spend time with my aunt and uncle before the ride begins. Its exciting because I will get some training rides in a different part of the country than the trip will take me. I will also get a chance to consider some post FCBA opportunities.

But part of me can't believe that the trip is starting so soon. And its beginning means that some other things are coming to an end. I will graduate from school and officially have my Masters in Counseling. I will leave my internship and fellow interns after a year together. I will leave my home, family and friends for the summer. I am excited but it comes with just a twinge of bittersweetness, especially since I don't know what the future holds.

However, I anticipate this summer to be one that will leave me forever changed. How I am not sure, but I will start to have a better idea in just about 5 weeks. I can hardly fathom what I am about to do but after seeing how God has provided thus far, I can only rest in His arms trusting that He has this all planned somehow...

Stay tuned the fun is just getting started!

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