Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Weeks!!!

The reality of this trip is becoming more and more real! I am really looking forward to this adventure and all that I will learn along the way. I am so excited to meet my fellow riders I know a few of them already but I will certainly know everyone better by the end of this summer!

I am also starting to look forward to the building projects. A few weekends ago, I helped at a local camp as they get ready for this year's camping season. It was fun to get a little dirty helping and I am continually amazed to see how God uses these "small" things for His great glory. We cleaned out a new building and moved decking so that this summer some kids might get to enjoy camp and be introduced to Christ. I don't know if there is anything better than that! I am hoping the same for those we serve this summer!

And I have also started to wonder what God will teach me? How will I be changed by this trip? How will God use me? I was thinking the other day when I got caught in the hail and rain during a training ride, how far I had come as a cyclist. Just two years ago a ride like that would have been nearly impossible for me to finish. I would have been afraid and unsure of my skill while riding through puddles and on wet road lines. While I think I still have plenty of room to grow as a cyclist but I was struck by my confidence on the bike. I knew I would be alright even though I was very wet. I guess its not every day that I get to see some progress that I have made. I think I see it in others much sooner than myself. Its got me wondering what kind of progress I will make this summer in becoming the woman God has called me to be?

I guess I will find out soon enough! And at the end of the summer I will be able to say, "Look at what God had done!"

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  1. You're an inspiration Sarah! Can't wait to hear how God changes lives through this journey.