Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Century...

Today we road 100 miles. It was hard but we saw some of the most beautiful countryside, everything from rolling farm fields to canyons. It was amazing! Eastern Washington has quite the variety of landscape.

I realize today that I actually was starting to discover a few things about this trip and cycling.
1. I forgot how tired I get riding for long distances and the silly things I say when I am tired.
2. I have had some amazing dreams trying to process all that I see in the day.
3. Certain "areas" get sore after being on the bike for three hours plus.
4. The people I am riding with are awesome!
5. God was super creative when creating the land! The amount of times I have said "wow" is getting ridiculous.

More on what I might be learning later, but for now wait on that (sleep) and pray for us. Thanks!
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