Friday, June 24, 2011

Montana Week Part 2

When I last wrote, I told my tale of adventure Monday during the ride. However, Monday would turn out to be more exciting than expected and not in a good way. Ben, a member of the team, fell off his bike on the way back from the showers. He was not wearing his helmet and his injury hit us all hard. It reminded me of my banana peal fall and how my helmet saved my life in that situation. As I am writing this now, Ben is doing alright. He is scheduled for surgery to repair a bone in his face. He fractured his skull and his cheek bone. I am happy to report that in time he will be healed and back on the bike. I am still hopeful that he will join us later in the ride.

The rest of this week has unfolded rather uneventfully. I didn't ride yesterday due to some sort of illness, that was sinus related and I felt pretty tired. However, I have recovered and I was back on the bike today. It was nice to ride a full day and I am disappointed that I missed some great downhills, yesterday. However, I made up for it today and hit 44.6 mph on our last decent into the little town of Ennis, MT.

This week has been going by so quickly and I am starting to think this summer is going to fly by. I am hoping that at some point I will stop having such a good time long enough to process some of what I am seeing and all that I am learning from my fellow riders as I get to know them. I am curious still to see how God will use me and change me and the others throughout this trip. We are headed to West Yellowstone tomorrow with a "rest" day on Sunday before we begin our next week into Salt Lake.

I am really enjoying seeing new parts of the country. I know I am not in Pittsburgh any more because everywhere I see snow-capped mountains. God must have had a great time when he designed this country! Stay tuned for more updates, including the progression on tan-lines!!! Thanks for joining me on this adventure and please keep praying for us!

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