Monday, June 13, 2011


The scenery here is gorgeous!!! I passed many breath taking views today while dodging rain drops. It was a great ride today despite the rain. I am a little nervous for me and our group because tomorrow we have a 4000ft climb up Steven's Pass. However, I am really looking forward to the sense of accomplishment we will all feel at the end of the day tomorrow!

I am having a great time and loving the cycling, the Iscenery and the people. I am hoping that once we get into a bit more of a route I will have the opportunity to talk more deeply with others about who they are and what they think and maybe even read the books I brought with me.

I realized today that this trip will challenge me and change me in ways I can't imagine yet. I am hoping I realize that I am being taught along the way instead of having to process everything at the end. I am not recognizing how tired I am and that the risk of rambling has begun. So good night, I let you know how the climbing goes tomorrow!
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