Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kansas, Hot Hot Hot!!!

I can't believe that this trip is half over...yesterday we arrived in Hill City, KS marking the end of segment 5. We have four weeks and five building days remaining. I am surprised often how fast and slow this trip seems to go simultaneously. It seems like we have been traveling for a long time (in a good way) since the first week in Washington seems like it was quite sometime ago. And yet here we are already more than half way through. I am wondering how to slow the progression of this trip down. I am not ready to make some of the decisions that await me at home about being a "real adult." Because I am not sure I am any closer to figuring things out for my future. I am really glad I still have four weeks and maybe some ideas.

My future is becoming one of my most extensive prayer and thought times while on the bike. But I am finding myself in good company as many of us work to figure out our next steps and what God might have in store. I have been working on memorizing Ephesians with one of my fellow riders and it has cause me to consider further how the Word of God impacts our lives on a daily basis. In talking with others, I find it fascinating how we each have developed an understanding of God and how it impacts each persons life differently. I am wondering still how I am and will be changed by this ride. I came on this adventure wanting to serve because I have been given so much I didn't deserve through Christ by the grace of God; I wondering how I am doing with that. I hope that in this trip God is glorified. Even as we cross Kansas.

There have been really hot days here in Kansas and we can expect that all this week as we journey across the state this week. Please pray that the heat does not impact us much. I am realizing how much I enjoyed the varying scenery of the previous weeks before we got here. Although, I have a new appreciation for corn fields and going to the bathroom outside...enough said until next time.

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