Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This week we said goodbye to Kansas with a celebration, build and rest day in Kansas City, MO. And that is were the spoiling began. We had lots of free meals and even got to go to a Royals game for free! Yesterday, the spoiling continued as we had a trolley ride and free ice cream in Carrollton, MO! Yes, they brought out the town trolley to drive us! It was quite a warm welcome into what is supposedly "the most American town." Today we arrived in Moberly, MO, which could be our "swankiest" stop yet. We are staying in a youth center with pool tables, cafe and computers with internet!!! And that is how I am writing to you right now! I am pretty excited about this.

I have never been to Missouri before but if its like this all over the state, maybe I should move here? (not really) This weekend we had a build day in Kansas City and we work along side the Chiefs tight-ends, Jake, Tony and Leonard, who is the trips honorary chair. I love build days because they refocus me on why I am riding. Its not just about the cycling but about helping the families recieve simple decent homes. We have been doing several presentations recently too and we are getting closer to our $500,000 goal! This adventure is pretty exciting, especially since 4 build days remain!

Please keep praying for us as we start to wind down this adventure. The heat and humidity will be a factor as we continue east. But also keep praying that God would continue to use us and teach us about how this trip would be used in our lives for His glory. When this adventure is over another will begin...but let's not talk about that right now...

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