Monday, August 1, 2011

The Land of Lincoln

This weeks adventures find us in Illinois! I have now seen most of my share of corn and soybeans but I know there is more to come! Last Saturday we had a building project and it was really amazing. Its amazing what helping hands and some supplies can do in a day. In just a day the family we worked with had new windows, a front porch with new steps, lots of painted trim, and a new front door. There is still much to be done but we were able to bring a family much closer to having a house they could call a home. I had such a good time painting with the family's youngest son. Its was heart warming to watch him become so proud of his own work on him home. It seems simple (because it is) to help for day but it got me thinking about how often at home I might miss helping because I am too busy. One thing about this trip is that it slows life down so much that I can start see places and spaces in my life that need adjusting or refocusing.

I have also been getting  some good time to think. I was so engaged in a conversation with myself the other day I thought I missed a turn, when there was none. I have decided at least for the time being to return to  Pittsburgh to work and getting involved in some ministry opportunites for a time. I am curious to see how this trip will impact the future but for now, I am focused on finishing. We have two weeks left and I can't believe how fast it has gone. I am really going to miss this, well that is everything but smelling as badly as I do after rides...I am so thankful for this adventure and I look forward to coming to a better understanding of how God is using it in my life for His glory!

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