Monday, January 23, 2012

Pedaling for Pennsylvanians!

Greetings Friends and Family!!!

I hope this new year has been full of God's grace and all that comes with it, both adventure and challenge. I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for your support and friendship through the adventures of last year. As this year begins, so do more adventures and I would like to ask you to join me in them.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to ride my bike cross country with the Fuller Center for Housing Bike Adventure. I was so blessed by that adventure and to see how God used you to help many families along the way. It was a great trip and I am still amazed at simple it can be to help someone else with a little time, effort, and generosity. I am hoping that this year can be more of the same. For more information about the Fuller Center for Housing visit:

Therefore, I would like you to consider joining me in this year's adventure! I will be riding a total of 2000 miles with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure through both the Spring and West Coast rides. The Spring ride is March 10th-17th, 2012 from Nashville, TN to Jackson, MS. This is a 400 mile one week ride complete with a build day where we will stop and help a current Fuller Center project.
The West Coast ride is July 13th-August 12 from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA. This is a four week 1600 mile ride with two build days, one of which will be at the San Diego Fuller Center, where the ride began five years ago. I will be joined on the West Coast ride by my Aunt Sher!!! I am thrilled that we as a family can help other families!!!

In its five year history the Fuller Center Bike Adventure (FCBA) has raise over $500,000 to eliminate poverty housing! This year we are hoping to raise another $200,000! However, it is my personal goal to raise $7,000. I will be riding on behalf of the Greenville (PA) Area Fuller Center. This will be the first Fuller Center be established in Pennsylvania!!! I am really excited to be helping families close to home. This Fuller Center is still in the development process and needs $2000 more in funding to become fully functional. I would like to raise that amount as well as an addition $5000 for them to have for building projects. Getting connected with the Greenville (PA) Area Fuller Center is a story in itself of seeing God at work. I am looking forward to seeing how God continues to work in Northwestern PA through the Fuller Center.

I would like to ask you to consider joining with me in this adventure, so that families in Pennsylvania can have a place to call home. Here's a few ways to join:

1. Please pray for the Greenville (PA) Area Fuller Center as it in the development process. That all the things between their current position and the beginning of building projects would be completed and established for the glory of God.

2. Please consider donating funds. Keep in mind that all of your donations go to the Greenville (PA) Area Fuller Center and are tax deductible. You are not paying for me to ride my bike, I will take care of that.

You can donate online through my fundraising page:
By mailing a check, with my name in the memo to:

The Fuller Center for Housing
Attn: Fuller Center Bike Adventure
701 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Americus, GA 31719

3. Please consider joining me. Whether that is on the ride like my Aunt, in training or through other fundraising events, details to follow soon. And feel free to follow the adventure of read tales of last year at my blog:

Thank you all so much!!! I really appreciate your support because I can't do this without you. May this all be for God's glory.

I hope Jesus is  blessing your socks off!

Talk to you soon,


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Year. A New Adventure.

Its official! I will (Lord willing) be riding with the Fuller Center for Housing again this year! I am will be riding both the Spring and West Coast rides totaling 2000 miles to eliminate poverty housing!!!

And this year my goal is to raise $7000 for the first Pennsylvania Fuller Center in Greenville, PA!!! I am so excited to be able to help families so close to home! That's a story in itself about watching God work. (more on that later)

Also, its going to be really fun to have my Aunt Sher riding with me, as well. So, I thinks its safe to say I am excited and curious to see what God has planned.

I really hope that you will all come along on this adventure with me again this year. Last year I was so blessed by all the support and encouragement. Yinz are great! and to God be the glory!

Please stay tuned for more details for follow about how you can partner with me in this adventure. (once I win the battle again the computer...haha)

Thanks Everyone! I hope Jesus is blessing your socks off too.