Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week One!!!

Week One of riding is complete! We rode seven days straight and roughly 500 miles this week most of which kept us along the beautiful Oregon coast! The view was spectacular and so were a few of the climbs! I would have written sooner but I was pretty tired. I also would think of “brilliant” things to write while riding but forget them all by the time the day was over. So I will attempt to give you a summation of a few of those thoughts in no particular order.

It’s humbling to ride near the ocean. It puts great perspective on my actual size. I usually consider myself pretty important and “big” but next to the ocean I am reminded how small I am. God has created so many amazing things and He really doesn’t have to bother with me, a breath in the grand scheme of things, but God does and He proves it in Christ.

I am riding with a wonderful group of people. We are bonding more each day and a trip like this creates such a unique community. Please pray for us and our safety as we travel, especially that we don’t crash our bikes from gazing at the sights.

Apparently, that is all the thoughts I have had. (haha) We have had a great time when we aren’t on the bikes testing swing sets, walking around towns and eating ice cream. Tonight we walked down to the beach to see the sunset. Our view was obscured by a giant rock formation but it was a refreshing walk none the less.

Tomorrow is our first day off and it is much needed before we begin our time in California. I am looking forward to that! I have been enjoying my first journey to Oregon and would recommend it to anyone!  

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