Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A month later

True confession: Last Friday was the first time I rode my bike since the trip. It took nearly a month to get back on and cruise around.
True confession: I only rode 12 miles...

There is a quality to the FCBA trips that I miss when I am at home. I think it is the freedom and the adventure, and the community is pretty great too. I think that there is a freedom to a ride like this because it exist in almost its own time and space. When I am on the trip I am responsible for very little other than riding my bike from point A to point B. This translates a little to what I am calling freedom but that might not be the best word, perhaps vacation is a better one. Now that I am home and back into the swing of things I am realizing how rare it is to truly get away and just ride. I think I get a little spoiled getting to ride all day.
The adventure I miss as well. When I ride at home I don't often get to see new things or go to places I have never been with every ride. When I am at home I have time restrictions and not as many friends to adventure with.

This might sound like I am complaining but that is not my intent. Instead, I share the things I miss as a reminder to myself how special a trip like this is. I have really wrestled about what cycling means to me and how I can serve others as of late. I am continually thankful for FCBA rides which provide the opportunity to do both. But that question remains of how to glean some of the adventure out of the trip and bring it to everyday life. It is a one of a kind experience but that's not were we live in reality.

The families we ride to help know all about that and are rarely spoiled with such adventures. Therefore, I don't want to take for granted the experience or squander the opportunity to continue to help even in the everyday.

Thank you to those who have been a part of these adventure and those who have been a part of my everyday life. Praise God that He uses all of you to bless my socks of in Christ! I pray He does the same for you whether you get six hours a day on a bike or not! :)