Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Prayer, One Pedal, One Penny! (at a time)

Dear Friend and Family!

Happy New Year! I hope 2013 is shaping up to be a year of grace, peace and adventure! My plans for this year are slowly coming together. I have decided to work with The Fuller Center for Housing again. They are an affordable housing ministry which builds or renovates homes for families in 57 cities in the United States and 16 countries around the world. What's this work you ask?

It's to participate in The Fuller Center Bike Adventure's Spring Ride! It is a week long 400(ish) mile ride from Nashville, TN to Jackson, MS on the Natchez Trace Parkway. The trip is from March 15th-23rd (roughly 8 weeks away!) We will be also be working for a day with a Fuller Center Covenant Partner.

I cannot THANK YOU all enough for your support thus far and I could not resist the opportunity to be a part of this adventure, especially when I consider the past.
Did you know that in the last two years be have raised about $8000 for either new builds or renovations of families homes!!! To give that amount some perspective it is enough to build two homes in Sri Lanka!

Together we have been doing some awesome work! It may not feel like that to you, but to me it has been a been a tremendous blessing! And because we can trust that God is at work in ways we don't even know; we can be sure that every prayer, pedal and penny is being used for His glory and our good! How amazing is that!

Please consider joining me again on this adventure and follow it as it unfolds at my blog:

The following are more ways to participate:

1. Pray: Please pray for us. Our requests to God are powerful and in Christ He hears us! Yet, there are risks in taking on such an endeavor. Therefore prayers for safety, community, and opportunities to help and serve are always appreciated.

2. Pedal: Please consider joining us! Whether in person or spirit. These trips are about serving others out of the overflow of Christ's work our behalf. I pray that you would seek ways to do serve in whatever area this makes sense in your world. However, I pray doubly that riding with the Fuller Center would be that option! :)

3. Penny: Please consider donating to the work of the Fuller Center. All of the money given goes directly to Fuller Center projects and is tax-deductible. I am merely a mouth piece on a bike. :)

This year I am raising $750. I hope to be able to do all my fundraising in person or via email and facebook. This would allow me to use the money I would spend on stamps can go to the Fuller Center instead. So I am raising $700!

You can donate by two ways:

Online:    Please make sure to choose me: Sarah Doren in the rider drop down menu.


By Mail: By sending a check with Sarah Doren Spring Ride in the memo to:

The Fuller Center for Housing
Attention: Bike Adventure
701 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Americus, GA 31719

Friday, January 11, 2013

FCBA Spring Ride 2013!

Here I come!!! I am looking forward to riding with my Fuller Center family again in March!

More details to come very soon but for now check out the Bike Adventure page: