Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Thanks to my Mom!

Four years ago, when I announced to my parents that I would be leaving for a week to ride with The Fuller Center they were a bit apprehensive. It wasn't like me to just leave with strangers to ride my bike. When I got home there were lots of questions and probably a bit of relief. 
We have come a long way since that first ride. My parents, especially my Mom, have become some of my biggest supporters for riding with the Fuller Center. Its been anywhere from buying me a travel towel and toiletry bag to Clif bars to picking me up at the end of the ride. My parents no longer believe that this is just a chance for me to ride my bike. Its about helping other families get into simple decent homes. 
My Mom works at the local high school and has used their special jeans days as fundraiser for The Fuller Center. I am so blessed to say that this year she helped raise $220
Praise God!
I think its so great when my biological family and my FCBA family are joined together in a common goal!

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