Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rain Ride

I can't believe I have been home for a week already, from my ride with the Fuller Center for Housing Bike Adventure. Our ride down the Natchez Trace was incredible. We experienced some of the worse weather I have ever ridden in. We also ate some of the best food I have ever had on a bike adventure. Once again my Fuller Center family grew and I was blessed by my time on and off the bike. I hope to share some of the stories from the ride over the next few weeks. I will begin with this one.

There are days on the bike where it seems like you can't pedal another mile or sit a second longer. There are also days when you and your bike feel like one and like riding it is the thing you were made to do. On this trip I experienced both kinds of days. It was my love of cycling that got me into riding with the Fuller Center but I think it is these adventures which keep me riding. 

One day it was around 40 degrees and rainy making it terrible riding weather. We were to go about 75 miles. As we left in the morning and the cold rain splashed against my face, I couldn't help but think about the people who don't have shelter.Those who have no dry place to sleep out of the wind and rain. We went out in the rain by choice and as the day went on I knew soon enough I would be warm and dry again. But that isn't true for everyone.

It was that thought that kept me pedaling all day. By God's grace I didn't turn into an ice cube and my bag was close enough to the door of the trailer that I could change my socks at each stop. This day was one of the hardest days I have ever ridden both physically and mentally. I'm not telling this story to boast about my accomplishments but rather to say how tremendously blessed I am.

I often look at my struggles and wonder how I will make it through difficult times but I have been blessed with options. We all went to bed that night warm and dry. These are such simple things and tremendous blessings. I am not better than the person who does not have a place call home, nor have I done anything miraculous to earn such a place. But God has given it to me and that is why I ride.

The riches I have in Christ spill over into want to help others because of  the blessings I have received, even in that means riding in the rain. Those who didn't finish the ride that day are no less interested in helping others or less blessed but perhaps a bit smarter than I am. :)

I guess what I am saying is that from that day I was reminded how much I really have. And it took a cold day in the rain to remind me of that fact. "Look at what God has done!" Using a miserable day on the bike to remind me how He has been taking care of me. That sounds about right. :)

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