Monday, June 23, 2014

A Serious Update...

Please forgive me for being slow to update my blog this ride. I have been rather busy but the following will tide you over until I have more time. ;)

"This year is the fifth time I have joined the bike adventure because I am a nerd. My first adventure was in 2010, when I brought a motorcycle to ride and was turned away. Apparently, this trip is for pedal bikes. So this year I am one of the trip photographers. I am forced to wear a helmet at all times due to my love of poverty. Everyone hear is really nice but they don’t seem to understand me when I talk. At least I feel like Wonder Woman when I sleep. Oh well, maybe sixth time will be the charm. Next year, I hope to do more than hold signs and carry coolers. Perhaps, I will learn how to ride a bike for that trip. But until then, they say I can’t use the power tools and have to run behind the trailer when I am bad. I think it’s our perfections, which make us so imperfect. Henceforth I shan’t be so serious about bikeling and always wear my seatbelt."

Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't Panic...

Well Friends, the summer ride is now just 11 weeks away. While that sometimes feels like almost three months, it will pass rather quickly. This weekend, the reality of how close the trip is and how unprepared I am came crashing down on me. Don't worry, there was no literal crash. But I did just start riding the trainer last week! In some respects, that's ok. While my fellow riders will be averaging 80 miles a day, I will be closer to 80 miles a week. However, that doesn't mean I can slack off and not prepare.

So, this short post is my reminder and my fellow riders, not to panic. We still have time to get in those training miles, raise funds and prepare for the adventure that awaits us. This week the Spring Riders are experiencing the joy of the community and blessing of a Fuller Center Bike Adventure. I'm a little jealous but considering how behind I am in training, I am thankful I'm home this week.

With 11 weeks to go, I think the thing I need most is prayer. I will be ready to bike. But my adventure this year includes taking lots of pictures, writing blogs and posting to Facebook, as well as doing some driving of the support vehicles. I am thrilled to be a part of the support team this year but I am nervous about it. I know what to expect as a rider but not as a helper.

Please pray for me and the riders! Please pray that God would be glorified and His stories told. Please also pray for the families we will meet and that we would be salt and light to them!

And also please pray that we would be able to raise funds for families in need. Praise God for the $830 in donations thus far! If you would like to support the adventure, please visit:

But most of all, if you see me, remind me we have 11 weeks to go. Remind me that God is in control and that He will provide and prepare us. And remind me that my socks have already been blessed off in Christ. So I don't have to panic, there is plenty of time.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Joining in the Adventure!!!

Last week about fifty letters were mailed as invitations for friends and family to join me in this summer's adventure!
I know that I missed a few people with these letters but don't worry everyone is invited!!!

First of all, please PRAY for us! There are so many moving parts to a trip like this, both literally and figuratively. Please pray for safety and preparation! Please pray we would bless others' socks off as God has blessed ours (mine).

I am also raising funds a little differently this year because I am going on the ride in a way like never before. I am not setting a goal but hoping together we can get closer to the $1,000,000 goal!

If you like like to help us reach this goal and support current Fuller Center projects please visit:

And this year you can also donate a gift card or national brand gas card to help support the day to day on the trip. Everything from gas to laundry to bananas and peanut butter. Every dollar raised here frees up other donation for building projects. If you would like to donate a card of any denomination please send it to:

The Fuller Center for Housing
Attn: Bike Adventure
701 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Americus, GA 31719

Please email me, if you would like more information or have any questions. I would love for you to be a part of this adventure with me!

More to come as the days draw near!

I hope God is blessing your socks off!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

And so it begins!

Get ready to check your mailboxes!!!

Starting in the next few weeks, I will be posting and sending out information about this summer ride. It's just a little under six months away!!!

I can't believe it! I am getting really excited and realizing I have lots to do before I embark on this adventure!

However, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to share the stories of what God is doing! It's going to be a great ride!

Please pray for us! :)