Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't Panic...

Well Friends, the summer ride is now just 11 weeks away. While that sometimes feels like almost three months, it will pass rather quickly. This weekend, the reality of how close the trip is and how unprepared I am came crashing down on me. Don't worry, there was no literal crash. But I did just start riding the trainer last week! In some respects, that's ok. While my fellow riders will be averaging 80 miles a day, I will be closer to 80 miles a week. However, that doesn't mean I can slack off and not prepare.

So, this short post is my reminder and my fellow riders, not to panic. We still have time to get in those training miles, raise funds and prepare for the adventure that awaits us. This week the Spring Riders are experiencing the joy of the community and blessing of a Fuller Center Bike Adventure. I'm a little jealous but considering how behind I am in training, I am thankful I'm home this week.

With 11 weeks to go, I think the thing I need most is prayer. I will be ready to bike. But my adventure this year includes taking lots of pictures, writing blogs and posting to Facebook, as well as doing some driving of the support vehicles. I am thrilled to be a part of the support team this year but I am nervous about it. I know what to expect as a rider but not as a helper.

Please pray for me and the riders! Please pray that God would be glorified and His stories told. Please also pray for the families we will meet and that we would be salt and light to them!

And also please pray that we would be able to raise funds for families in need. Praise God for the $830 in donations thus far! If you would like to support the adventure, please visit:

But most of all, if you see me, remind me we have 11 weeks to go. Remind me that God is in control and that He will provide and prepare us. And remind me that my socks have already been blessed off in Christ. So I don't have to panic, there is plenty of time.