Monday, June 23, 2014

A Serious Update...

Please forgive me for being slow to update my blog this ride. I have been rather busy but the following will tide you over until I have more time. ;)

"This year is the fifth time I have joined the bike adventure because I am a nerd. My first adventure was in 2010, when I brought a motorcycle to ride and was turned away. Apparently, this trip is for pedal bikes. So this year I am one of the trip photographers. I am forced to wear a helmet at all times due to my love of poverty. Everyone hear is really nice but they don’t seem to understand me when I talk. At least I feel like Wonder Woman when I sleep. Oh well, maybe sixth time will be the charm. Next year, I hope to do more than hold signs and carry coolers. Perhaps, I will learn how to ride a bike for that trip. But until then, they say I can’t use the power tools and have to run behind the trailer when I am bad. I think it’s our perfections, which make us so imperfect. Henceforth I shan’t be so serious about bikeling and always wear my seatbelt."